What is your backup plan for a medical emergency in the field?

What is your plan for emergency communication ?.....Satellite Messenger such as Spot Tracker, etc.? Two Way radios....? Do you know what areas you have cell phone service? Does anyone in your party know the location you will hunt? If hunting solo... have you left word of the location you will hunt? Do you carry a head lamp or flashlight with LED strobe capabilities?

This is something every hunter should be aware of and have a plan. Discuss it with your hunting buddies and with family or friends back home.

Do you have a scheduled check-in time by cell phone or other means with family or friends while on your hunting trip?

Have you taken Basic First Aid, First Responder course, Mountaineering Medicine, etc? How would you react to a fractured femur and the leg muscle begins to contract pulling the sharp end of the bone to the femoral artery? How would you react to a gunshot wound or sucking chest wound? You or your buddy have a heart attack.... or shows signs advancing acute altitude sickness....?

Chances are a medical emergency will not occur with you or members of your group.... but it does happen. No one is immune to accidents.

No one really wants to think about it.... and many think it only happens to others....

Just food for thought...

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