Long Shots...

I kinda always figure long shots were kind of a long shot... if ya' get my drift. An' I'm talkin' about makin' them 800 to 1200 yard shots... as some claim. Of course.... some of them long shots is like fish stories.... gets bigger an' longer each time it's told.

I had to do some long distance shootin' in the military... but ain't gonna discuss it here. In all my years of huntin' an' guidin' I can only remember once where I shot over a hundred yards or so an' wasn't even with my rifle cause I didn't bring mine.

Up in Alaska years ago, I always had some Army guys wantin' to hunt Caribou between the months of January an' March.. That time of year was mostly meat huntin' an' you were allowed 3 Caribou on a license. Well this Master Sargent would always bring 3 or 4 grunts with him out of Anchorage an' one 90 day wonder butter bar. Well this Sarge came out to my cabin early one Saturday mornin' an' said the others would meet us up at the gettin' place later that mornin'.

Well.... I already had my meat in for the winter so I didn't take my rifle when we jumped in his ol' pickup with an' ol' Polaris snow machine in back. We got up to the gettin' place, unloaded the snow machine an headed towards a narrow gap between two hills.... which then opened to a wide basin layered with frozen lakes and channels. I had him stop the machine an' told him we needed to slowly make our way into the basin on foot an' look for Caribou up on the windblown hillsides. We eased in an' I was glassin' the hillsides as we went forward.

I didn't see any small herds but did spot one lone bull way over to our left an' outlined on a hill.... I figured he was a good 700 hundred yards or so.... an' slowly walkin' away from us. I tapped Sarge on the shoulder an pointed upwards. He looked up, shook his head "No" an' handed me his Rem Pump 30.06. I knew he needed the meat, so I ask him what grain bullet he had... he said 180...an' since I wasn't gettin' paid as I guide an' takin' 'em just as a friend.... I grabbed his rifle an' started tryin' to angle up the hill to close the distance on that bull. Well, I ran into snow that was packed solid as concrete on that hillside an' was now waist deep... I figured that bull was now closer to 800 yards an' movin'.

I bent over at the waist on that crusted snow... a restin' my elbows on it an' put the crosshairs of that scope bout 18 inches over his shoulder an' bout 1 foot ahead...that ol' Kentuck windage.... an' I squeezed a round off. I'd figured maybe if I could just wound him... we could jump on the snow machine an' head across the basin to get just below him an' then finish him off..... Needless to say... bout a second later after I shot the bullet hit... that ol' bull dropped in his tracks an' never wiggled.

That ol' Sarge was a carryin' on..."WOW.... HOT DAMN WHATTA SHOT.... WOW...". Surprised me as much as it did him an' when I turned around to hand him his rifle back.... I acted like it was no big deal an' that I took that kinda shot purt near everyday. Wasn't about to tell him otherwise.

We drove over neath that bull an' I waded snow up to where he was at an' slid him down to the snow machine. When them other grunts an butter bar got there the ol' Sarge was a tellin' them about the long shot.... an' of course by this time he was sayin' it was a good thousand yards... an' who was I to say he was wrong.....

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