Breakin' Midday Boredom in Huntin' Camp...a.k.a. Fishin' for Birds...

When I head up to huntin' camp I always take some fishin' gear... mainly a rod n' reel.

While huntin' Deer and/or Elk regardless of season... I always come in bout midday... startin' just before noon... cause most generally ain't nothin' movin... specially if it's warm an sunny.... an' I usually head out round 3 in the p.m. or so.

So while hangin' round camp durin' this down time I try to find something to entertain myself rather than drinkin' cold beer, Scotch on the rocks or whatever I can bum from other members of the huntin' party..

Now most huntin' camps have those pesky Squawkin' "Camp Robbers" known as Blue Jays that are always hangin' around to snatch up a tidbit off the tables. So what I do is put pieces of bread on the table to start baitin' those lil' suckers in. After they get used to comin' in, I get out my fishin' gear an' tie a long piece of cotton string onto the end of the fish line. Then I make a loop bout 8 inches across or so on the table then place pieces of bread in it.... then I back off bout 10 or 15 feet.... an' wait. Ain't long till one of them birds land in that loop... an' then I yank like I'm tryin' to hook a 10 pound Bass on a plastic worm... an' the fight is on. That pole goes to bendin' upwards with that bird a tryin' to get away an' not downwards like a fish on it.

You'll have a pretty good fight fer awhile.... but it's when ya' get it reeled in close enough to remove the lasso from his feet that you realize ya' should of put on some gloves before ya' started fishin'..... cause I guarantee ya' that ol' Blue Jay is in a high state of pisstivity an' he ain't gonna take lightly to you messin' with his feet.... an' they can draw blood.

Catchin' Blue Jays is kinda excitin' to do with a fly rod an' better yet... with a ultra light spinnin' outfit, I don't recommend ya' do this on larger birds such as Hawks, etc. cause them ancestors of dinosaurs don't take kindly to your form of entertainment.... An' I darn sure don't recommend catchin' Chipmunks this way... cause them lil' suckers become nuthin' but a fightin' ball of fur an' teeth when ya' try an' let em' go.

Stay safe n' good huntin'...

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